President Biden Orders Sweeping Review of Government Science

The Biden administration has issued an executive order aimed at restoring trust in government-funded science, bringing the US back in line with global efforts to promote the integrity of science and the scientific process. The latest move builds on the gains from a previous executive order from President Obama and emphasizes the critical importance of reliable scientific research to the nation’s security and prosperity.

The order places multiple requirements on federal agencies to ensure that science is rigorously conducted, analyzed, presented, and made available to the public. With this latest executive order, President Biden has taken bold steps to ensure that government-funded science is open, transparent, and trustworthy, establishing the necessary infrastructure to ensure evidence-based decision making and accountability.

What Does Biden’s Executive Order Mean for Government Science?

President Biden’s recent executive order to review the government’s science practices carries with it significant implications. The order seeks to ensure the integrity of the nation’s scientific process, placing new requirements on federal agencies to ensure rigorous scientific research standards. It seeks to make sure that decisions are free from political influence and bias, and that government science is open to the public.

The order comes with a few key provisions, including:

• Requiring that all science conducted or used in policymaking must be transparent, publicly accessible, and fully traceable.

• Establishing an independent Office of Science Quality to oversee and evaluate the quality of government science.

• Requiring that all scientific data and conclusions must be thoroughly examined and verified.

• Improving the coordination and communication of science research conducted by the federal agencies and the Scientific Enterprise.

• Supporting greater public engagement in the scientific process.

• Enhancing the independence and autonomy of government scientists.

What Are the Benefits of President Biden’s Executive Order?

President Biden’s executive order will bring a number of benefits for the US government’s science practices. By increasing the level of rigor and transparency in the scientific process, the order will ensure that the nation’s science is based upon evidence and well-founded conclusions. This will provide the public with greater confidence in the integrity of the government’s scientific research and decision making.

Additionally, the executive order will encourage better communication between federal agencies and the public. By improving public access to government science, it will be easier for the public to both understand the government’s policies and hold the government accountable for its scientific conclusions and decisions.

Finally, the order will help protect the independence of government scientists and researchers and help to promote better quality research. By placing greater emphasis on the importance of scientific integrity and independence, the order will help to ensure that government science is objective and unbiased.

What Are the Challenges for Implementing the Executive Order?

While the executive order is a positive step forward for the US government’s scientific practices, there are a few potential challenges that need to be considered when implementing it.

First, the order will require a significant amount of resources and political will in order to ensure that it is properly implemented and enforced. This will require increased resources for the Office of Science Quality in order to properly review and assess the quality of government science, as well as for the agencies to ensure that their research is in compliance with the order.

Second, the executive order places greater emphasis on public engagement in the scientific process, which could lead to an increased demand for resources to educate the public about the government’s scientific processes. This may be a challenge for many federal agencies who have limited resources and limited public outreach capabilities.

President Biden’s executive order to review the government’s science practices signals an important step forward in restoring public trust in the nation’s scientific process. The order puts greater emphasis on the importance of rigorous and transparent scientific research, providing the public with greater insight and access to government-funded science. Though there may be some challenges in implementing the order, it ultimately serves to support better decision-making and evidence-based policy.