The Paracas skulls are a mysterious set of a large elongated collection of deformed skulls.

For decades, they have been an object of both fascination and scrutiny. Science has yet to provide a concrete answer to what these anomalous skulls are and how they were created. To this day, scientists and researchers are still trying to piece together the mystery of the mysterious Paracas skulls.

What are the Paracas Skulls?

The Paracas skulls are a collection of over 300 skulls that have characteristics that make them stand out from most human skulls that have been discovered. For one, their cranial volume is up to 25 percent greater than any other skulls that have been unearthed. In addition, their shape is more conical and elongated and they have impressive 15-degree rear base angulations.

The skulls were discovered during an excavation in Peru by famous medic and anthropologist, Julio Tello in the 1920s. The skulls were found in the ancient Paracas Necropolis Cemetery on the southern coast of Peru.

Where did the Paracas Skulls Come From?

The exact origin of the mysterious Paracas skulls is a subject of much debated and continues to remain a mystery to this day. Tello and his team never published any detailed information regarding the origin or composition of the skulls, which further adds to the enigma.

What is the Main Theory Regarding the Paracas Skulls? 

The most widely accepted explanation for the skulls is that they were artificially modified by ancient societies. This is based on a 2011 genetic study of the Paracas skulls performed by a team of researchers from Stanford University.

Despite being one of the most widely held theories, there are still those who dispute the findings of the study because the data collected was not complete with respect to the Paracas skulls.

What Other Theories Have Been Proposed?

  1. Alien Origins: Some suggest that the skulls could have come from an extraterrestrial source.
  2. Extinct Race: This theory states that the skulls are evidence of an extinct human-like race.
  3. Nephilim Theory: Some researchers claim that the skulls were created by a race of giants mentioned in the Bible.

What is the Current Decade-Long Debate?

Since the skulls were first discovered, there has been a decade-long debate between researchers, scientists and archeologists over their origin. To this day, the mystery surrounding the origin of the skulls remain unsolved.

What is the Current Status of the Debate? 

At the moment, research and debate over the skulls is still ongoing, with various theories being discussed and tested. However, due to the limited data available, there is no clear consensus on their origin.

The mystery behind the Paracas skulls continues to elude researchers to this day. While some believe that they are evidence of an ancient civilization’s attempt at artificially modifying skulls, there are those who maintain other possibilities, including alien and/or Nephilim origins. Despite the current debate, the actual origin of the skulls remains unresolved and there is still a lot more to learn about the mysterious Paracas skulls.