The Rise of Organism Video Gaming: An Overview

Video game playing has been around for many years now, having been around since the ’70s and being revolutionized in the ’90s with the introduction of home gaming systems. In the past few decades, a new type of video gaming has emerged: organism video gaming. This style of video gaming sustains and nourishes the life of a species within the game.

What is Organism Video Gaming? 

Organism video gaming is a type of video gaming that sustains and encourages the growth of a species within the game. It requires managing and developing the environment around the species to ensure their survival, often leading to the species’ successful adaptation and evolution. Organism video gaming enables players to witness natural selection as they allow species to adapt in order to survive.


Organism video gaming began with the popular game series called “Spore”. This game gave players an unprecedented level of control over their species’ development. Players could create their species and nurture them as they evolved and interaction with other species in the game. The game gained massive popularity and was the first of the organism video gaming genre, but it wasn’t the last.

Popular Titles

Organism video gaming has grown considerably in recent years and there is a wide variety of popular titles within the genre. Some of the most popular titles are:

  1. Planet Coaster – a theme park simulator that allows players to build, manage and expand a wide variety of attractions, buildings, and other establishments.

  2. Jurassic Park: Evolution – a game where players build, maintain and manage their very own Jurassic Park, complete with dinosaurs and the facilities required to run it.

  3. Endless Ocean – an aquatic adventure game where players explore the ocean depths with their scuba diving gear in search of ancient treasures and species.

  4. Age of Empires – an historical strategy game series where players lead their chosen civilization through the fight for domination.

  5. SimCity – a city-building simulation game where players build and maintain their very own city while managing resources, infrastructure and population growth.


Organism video gaming allows players to have a role in the evolution of an organism as well as explore an aquarium, theme park, country or city. It’s a great way to gain an understanding of how small changes can affect the outcome of a species.

Organism video gaming can also encourage people to think about the environment and its importance for sustaining life. The games often require players to maintain and manage the environment around the species to ensure their survival, forcing players to consider the effect of their decisions and actions.


Organism video gaming can lead to an overly simplified view of how species evolve. Some games may lack sufficient scientific accuracy, which could lead to an inaccurate understanding of evolutionary processes.

Organism video games can also lead to a lack of concern for species in real life as it can make it appear that species are easily replaceable. Without any sense of consequence or emphasis on the importance of preserving species in real life, players may become apathetic towards the conservation of species.

Organism video gaming is a popular and ever growing genre of gaming that allows players to have a role in the evolution of the organisms within the game. Players are able to witness and take part in natural selection as they develop and nurture their species within the game. However, it’s important to remember that it does not accurately depict the real world and can lead to a lack of concern for species in real life.

At the end of the day, organism video gaming provides a unique form of entertainment that can be enjoyable and educational. It is a great way to gain an understanding of the importance of the environment and its role in a species’ survival.