Novavax is an innovative biotechnology company, located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, that produces a range of vaccines, therapeutics and other related products to protect people from infectious diseases.

This company has been in the news lately due to its development of a potential coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. In this article, we will take a closer look at the news on Novavax and learn exactly what they are doing to help fight the pandemic.

Background of Novavax

Novavax was established in 1987 by two scientists who were looking to develop a vaccine to protect people from infectious diseases. Since then, the company has created a range of products to help patients combat a host of different illnesses, ranging from the flu to hepatitis. Novavax has been in the news recently due to their development of a potential COVID-19 vaccine, which has the potential to protect people from this novel virus.

Novavax’s Potential Coronavirus Vaccine

Novavax has been hard at work developing a potential coronavirus vaccine. The company has been partnering with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation (CEPI) in order to develop, test and manufacture the vaccine. They have been receiving additional funding from the U.S. government, including $1.6 billion from the Operation Warpspeed program.

The company recently began conducting a Phase 1 clinical trial of their experimental vaccine and the results of the trial were encouraging. They reported that the vaccine was both safe and well-tolerated by participants, and potentially even more effective than other vaccine candidates. This brings Novavax one step closer to potentially offering a vaccine to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Progress of Novavax

Novavax is continuing to progress in their mission to develop a safe, effective and accessible vaccine during the pandemic. The company has begun a Phase 2/3 clinical study to further investigate their candidate drug’s ability to protect against COVID-19 infection. This is a large scale clinical study that will involve 30,000 participants from around the world. Novavax has also partnered with Global Coalition for Adaptive Research, or GCAR, in order to fast track the clinical study process.

In addition to this clinical study, the company has also partnered with a number of companies and organizations to help manufacture their vaccine and make it accessible to millions of people world wide. Novavax has formed partnerships with SK Bioscience, Serum Institute of India, VAXIL Bio and other vaccine manufacturing companies to help ensure their vaccine reaches as many people as possible.

Potential Side Effects of the Vaccine

While the news on Novavax seems promising, the company has also warned of potential side effects of the vaccine. These include mild fever, headache, muscle aches and other common side effects associated with vaccination. The company has reported that the side effects usually only last a few days and are generally considered mild. The company has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to conduct a Phase 2/3 clinical study of their potential vaccine and is continuing to monitor the safety of the vaccine during this trial.

Novavax has been making great strides in the development and manufacture of a potential coronavirus vaccine. The company has received significant financial backing from the U.S. government and has partnered with a number of leading vaccine manufacturing companies to help scale up production of the vaccine. They are currently conducting a Phase 2/3 clinical study to investigate its safety and efficacy and have reported positive results so far. While there are potential side effects to the vaccine, they are generally mild and the company is doing their due diligence to ensure the safety of the vaccine. As Novavax continues to progress in their efforts, we can hope for a safe, efficient and accessible vaccine to help fight the pandemic.