Frances Marine Le Pen is Dangerous for French Society

The French people have had a long and often strained relationship with politics and the choices of their leaders. Recently, there has been a great deal of debate about the political future of the country, particularly with the rise of far-right leader Frances Marine Le Pen and her extreme views. Her current bid for President is raising tensions, as many fear that her policies would be detrimental to the stability, security and cohesion of French society. This article will provide an overview of why Frances Marine Le Pen is dangerous for the French and their society.

Who is Frances Marine Le Pen?

Frances Marine Le Pen is the leader and presidential candidate of the National Rally party in France. She has been the leader since 2011 and has long been known for her extreme far-right views and policies. She is a strong advocate of French nationalism and patriotism, and her policies are focused on traditional ‘family values’ and sustainable, economic management. She opposes immigration, publicly funded social and health services, France’s membership of the European Union and the formation of any multi-cultural state.

Why Frances Marine Le Pen is Dangerous

It is no surprise that Frances Marine Le Pen’s policies are dangerous for French society. Her extreme and backward views threaten to set the country back considerably and could have a number of harmful impacts. These include:

Increased Xenophobia

If elected, Le Pen’s policies will create an even more hostile and xenophobic atmosphere in France. Her already extreme rhetoric and policies concerning immigrants, refugees and non-European citizens will only be exacerbated and further engrain negative prejudices towards minority groups.

Rise in Social Tensions

Her policies also risk disrupting French stability and creating further social tension among communities. By further demonising immigrants and creating an environment of fear and distrust, an increase in violence and hostility is to be expected.

Risk of Intolerance

Le Pen’s policies do not promote understanding and respect for different cultures or lifestyles, instead creating an atmosphere of intolerance and hatred. The potentially huge numbers of people she will have the power to ostracise and marginalise will undoubtedly stifle any chance of needed progress.

Threat to European Diplomacy

Le Pen’s hard line approach to EU relations could place further strain on European diplomacy and compromise the safety and stability of the region. Her vitriolic views on Europe, as well as her desire to exit the Union, could have wide reaching and disastrous consequences.

Potential Destruction of the Economy

Finally, Le Pen’s plans to impose stricter regulations on business and public spending risk damaging the French economy. Her focus on reducing labour regulations and cutting public services, as well as her refusal to accept foreign capital and bolster European trade, could lead to an economic slowdown and the dismissal of many employees.

It is clear that the policies of Frances Marine Le Pen to France and French society are dangerous and should not be taken lightly. Her rhetoric and intentions risk increasing xenophobia and creating social tensions in the country, as well as damaging the French economy. What’s more, France’s international relations and diplomatic standing in Europe could be seriously hampered by her policies and rhetoric. To ensure the safety and the future of French society the risks posed by Le Pen’s presidential bid must be taken seriously and her leadership must be rejected.