Citronella Candles – Natural Insect Repellent to Keep Away Unwanted Guests 

Summertime often brings with it its own unwelcome guests: bugs! Whether it’s flies, mosquitoes, or something else, outdoor gatherings often require a battle against these pests. Fortunately, citronella candles can provide the perfect means of achieving just that. Here’s a closer look at these natural insect repellents and how to use them.

What Are Citronella Candles?

Citronella candles are simply candles that contain a certain oil called citronella. This natural oil is often used in products to help repel insects. It is made from the plant Cymbopogon. The oil is extracted from the leaves of this plant and can be used to deter insects such as mosquitoes, ants, flies, and more.

Benefits of Using Citronella Candles

Citronella candles can be both an efficient and affordable way to keep those pesky bugs away. Some of the benefits of using citronella candles include:

Natural: As noted, citronella candles are made from natural ingredients, rather than harsh chemicals. This makes them a great choice if you’re looking to avoid toxic and/or synthetic products.

Most Effective on Flying Bugs: Citronella candles are most effective at warding off flying bugs, such as mosquitoes and flies.

Safe to Use: Citronella candles are also quite safe to use. The oils used in them are not toxic to pets, humans, or the environment.

Smells Pleasant: Most citronella candles also emit a pleasant scent, which can help to offset any unpleasant smells from the bugs.

Inexpensive: Citronella candles are also often quite inexpensive, which helps to keep the cost of controlling unwanted pests down.

How to Use Citronella Candles

Citronella candles should be used with care, to ensure safety and get the most out of them. Here’s a closer look at the basics of using them:

Lighting: To get the most out of your citronella candle, it’s best to light it 20-30 minutes before the outdoor gathering. This will ensure the scent has time to spread through the area and help to repel the bugs.

Location: It’s important to find the right spot for your citronella candle. Try to place it in open or breezy areas, as this will help to spread the scent more easily.

Safety: Whenever dealing with open flames, safety will always be a concern. Keep the flame away from combustible materials. Additionally, citronella candles should never be left unattended.

Extinguishing: Let the candle burn until it has completely extinguished. This will ensure that no open flame remains, which can be a risk if left alone.

Choosing the Right Citronella Candle

Not all citronella candles are created equal. In order to ensure you get the most out of this natural insect repellent, here are some tips to help you choose wisely:

Size: The size of the candle should correspond to the size of the gathering or area you plan to use it in. The burning time should also be noted and taken into account.

Scent: The scent of a citronella candle should also be noted. Many citronella candles can be found in a variety of pleasant scents, such as lemongrass and citrus.

Brands: There are a range of different brands offering citronella candles. Read up on the brands that could fit the bill, compare them to each other, and make a choice. Those from well-known companies often provide more reliable results.

Citronella candles provide the perfect way to fight against bugs and uninvited guests at outdoor gatherings. Not only are they made from natural ingredients, they can also help to keep the area smelling nice. With the information above in mind, you’ll be well on your way to finding the right citronella candle and achieving perfect insect control.